frost management

Climate Consulting

Why gamble on frosts that could wipe your crop out, when you can have an accurate climate study done by Climate Consulting, in conjunction with Marshall Machinery to determine what weather exposures need to be prepared for and how best to deal with these likely events.

This study will also give you an understanding of other climate aspects and how this will play out in the specific areas at your site rather than finding out the hard way or making false assumptions that can otherwise be properly determined.

Whilst most growers appreciate what can be achieved by having soils analysed by a specialist, the same goes with your site's climate which can play an even greater part in achieving a consistent yield and quality. Marshall Machinery relishes in working with people and assisting them to achieve excellent outcomes.

When exposed to the elements, growing outside, it is great to be able to have your particular climate aspects well understood and catered for to maximise your return so feel free to contact Marshall Machinery today to find out more.

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