Marshall Machinery continues to provide excellent grape harvesting solutions for large, medium and small vineyards throughout Tasmania.

After many years experience Marshall Machinery can assist you in choosing your next harvester.

Not only do Marshall Machinery offer state of the art harvesters but they also provide operator training and technical support when required.

With the proven Selectiv' on-board destemming and cleaning systems, hand in hand with the outstanding picking function, you can be assured to get the cleanest sample picked in varied conditions, in a short amount of time.

Marshall Machinery offer harvesters that work down to only 1 Metre row spacings, or bigger models to handle very large canopies and spacings. We offer Harvesters with tipping binsor a side arm system that allows the harvester to continue picking without stopping to unload.

The latest Pellenc Harvesters catch more fruit and juice, with a new design that greatly reduces the time taken to wash down and enables washing to be done more thoroughly. Pellenc self-propelled harvester carriers/tractors are designed to do more than just harvest. Being a multi-function design it allows a greater return on investment by using the carrier/tractor all year round doing other various other tasks like pruning, spraying, spreading, wire lifting, post driving etc. 

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