substrate management

Marshall Machinery have developed the Rock-RX & Coir-RX machines to greatly reduce the cost of manually removing the plastic from the substrate.

Substrate is typically used in hydroponic setups for plants like strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and many other crops.
The Rock-RX & Coir-RX allow growers to save a large amount of time and money by separating organic substrate and plant materials from the plastic.

Rather than bearing the high cost of dumping the used plastic at tipping landfill stations, the plastic can be removed by the Coir-RX / Rock-RX machines mechanically and sent away for recycling.

Leaving the remaining organic plant material and growing substrate to be potentially reused for other applications like soil conditioners and moisture retaining mediums.

This of course is a far more environmentally responsible method of dealing with the plastic and materials at the end of their life and seeing it put to good use instead of potentially burying plastic that may take many years to fully breakdown.

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