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Frost Fans are used very effectively in many crops throughout the world, once installed they are stationed 24/7 on-site to automatically start and stop according to the temperature and wind conditions.

Marshall Machinery now are proud to see many growers avoiding massive frost damage throughout Tasmania by having them installed correctly and in many instances seeing yield and quality increases given the ability to keep the plants warmer and dryer using Frost Boss machines installed and maintained by Marshall Machinery.

Whilst there are many different crops that the FrostBoss machines effectively protect from frost damage they are also being used to reduce temperatures under certain growing covers systems by blowing out the trapped hot air. 

The following information is specific to grapes exposed to cool conditions: 

Sap flow stops in vines generally – given varietal variation -  at a dry bulb temp of +0.6 deg C (which is where retardation/quality/volume reduction becomes a serious consideration) according to PIRSA research.

To gain this information independently you can google the findings through the Primary Industries Research in South Australia. If such temperatures take effect in a young vineyard at certain times of the year it can take many more years to reach full maturity and in some cases never reach its full potential.

 Frost fans offer protection in three main forms being:

  1. Temperature lift
  2. Disruption to the development of a laminar surface layer created by stagnant air
  3. Reduction in humidity which retards the formation of frost crystals


If you get exposed to frost without protection the losses can be great. Frost Boss machines provide a very cost-effective method of minimising this risk in many scenarios. Given their efficiency and competitive pricing, Frost Boss is the most popular frost fan in Australia by far.

If you are wanting to see more precisely the likely outcomes of frost fans at your site Marshall Machinery would recommend a full climate study be undertaken. This would gather precise data to then be used to give you clear forecasting of what the outcomes would be in likely scenarios. 

You may also want to make use of the "Return On Investment" calculator on the Australian Frost Fan Website to assist in calculating the numbers as per the following link:

On this web site, there is also a lot of other information about frost fans that you might find informative.

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